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The WA Boomerang Association started in July 2016 as a not for profit sporting club and is an affiliate club of the Boomerang Association of Australia (BAA) We are all about education and inclusion of the community through teaching the history, art and science of sport boomerangs.

Our goal is to encourage everyone in this sport in which you can learn, share and grow.  Sport Boomerang throwing in Australia has been around since the 1960's, took off in North America in the 1970's with the rest of the world following.


Our members come from various backgrounds so you don't need to be naturally good at sports to join in. We even make our own boomerangs using different timbers and plastic materials which adds another aspect to throwing boomerangs giving you the opportunity to put your craft skill to the test, Its a great achievement for some who learns to make and throw their own boomerangs.  


If you see us out  throwing, teaching at schools & after-school centres or attending expos and markets stop by and talk to us, or contact us here. Please get in touch if you have a boomerang and are having trouble getting it to return, we will happily meet with you to teach you the tricks, you never know you could be doing everything correct but just have the wrong boomerang.

Social Throwing


We are all about social inclusion, we are here to teach everyone and anyone that would like to learn all about sport boomerangs.

Being a West Australian club that means we want to include and encourage new members from all over the state.

If you live in the greater Perth area and are interested in becoming a member but not sure if the sport is for you, we can come to a suitable field near you for free lessons for you your family and friends, and if you become a member we will regularly visit fields near you for our social throws.



Competitions are a great way to see how you are progressing with your skills, while they can get competitive our competitions are always a friendly gathering and will always offer support and further guidance to help with your training. 

We encourage all members (and potential members) to compete regardless of your skill level as we have a few events to cater for everyone's level. We have special novice events that are based on our six general individual events to ease you into competitions.

Community Events and Local Markets


Would you like us to come to your next event, we currently attend community markets to teach boomerang throwing and talk about our sport. 

We will be happy to attend school fetes, markets or community days where we can add a difference by offering boomerang throwing lessons or a craft table where you can colour in your own boomerang.


This can be done outdoors and if enough room even indoors to using super safe foam boomerangs.

Our Committee


Current Committee members for 2021/2022

Chairperson - Leonie Metzakis

Vice Chairperson - Lee Goodall

Secretary - Christene Metzakis

Treasurer - Christopher Johnson

We can be contacted at any time via email or Facebook.

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